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Activity is paramount for promotions and for retaining your current rank.
For those of you who don't know where the forums are then
Click Here
RPG Community Rules

The Rules:

Applies to all members at all times...
• Must remain in uniform at all times: This means any form of universal clan tag, colour or symbol that your leaders put you in must remain the same. Until told by a staff member no less then a WRO to change it.

• Must retain profile information at all times: This means any set way that you are instructed to put your profile must remain the same. Until told by a staff member no less then a WRO to change it.

• Must show activity: This means you need to attend scheduled meetings and practice times. If you are unable to attend you should message your squad leader and/or division leader. Failure to attend 4 weeks of such will result in termination of membership.

• No extra websites: This means no extra websites that support our community information. Including but not limited too; My Space, Facebook, twitter. Doing so can result in a lawsuit in relation to the fact that Real Pro Gaming is a trademarked term.

• Must follow the chain of command: This means that if an issue rises between you and another member, allied clan, or staff member. You should not immediately take it up with the head leaders or division leader. You should find the first major online and take it up with him. When none are available to talk to go up the ranking structure until someone is found. This does not mean you cannot take an issue to the direct leader; just you should talk to someone else first.

• RPG gamer tags: RPG gamer tags are only approved once you reach the rank of a GNS. And MUST be approved by someone that is the rank of DGN or higher. This could up to three days, but in most cases are instant. Also you do NOT have to change you name, you have all rights to keep your current tag.

• Adding recruits to your friends: All members of staff will add all new recruits to there friends list. To improve relations

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